A tribute; to my brother, friend, and teacher, Shawn Patrick Reidy.

Coronado HS 1990

CHS 1993


PASIC Rehearsal

SMCC PASIC Champions ’97

Proud Mom

Velvet Knights ’93

Velvet Knights ’95

Shawn and Paul Rennick

Assistant Director, Coronado HS ’01

Velvet Knights ’93

Arizona State University ’94

Shawn Patrick Reidy


    Shawn was one of the first major musical influences in my life.  He shared his gift of drumming with me and many others in the AZ drumming community, and inspired us to become better musicians. Shawn taught me how to be a successful drummer, and more importantly, a better human being. 

    I went from watching Shawn in awe as he played on the Coronado HS drum line, to joining him on the high school drum line and Shawn becoming my section leader.  He would later graduate and return as my high school instructor and private teacher.  We would then stand side by side in the Arizona State University PASIC snare line, and eventually win a PASIC championship in 1997. 

  The highlight of Shawn’s drumming career was winning a PASIC championship with the University of North Texas drumline in 1996.  He soon introduced me to people like Paul Rennick, who would later open up many career opportunities for me.  Shawn and I would eventually teach side by side at our Alma Mater, Coronado HS, just before he left us all too soon in life.  I owe everything I know to Shawn. 

You will be missed, but never forgotten....


(SPR Scholarship letter written in 2002)

UNT 1996 Ending Drum Solo. 

Shawn is second snare in from the right.      

UNT ’96 Quad Solo rehearsal.  I saw them run this solo at least 10 times.  Never saw a tick.


VK ’95 lot warm-up in Denver, CO.

Shawn is fourth snare in from the left.

UNT Snare line.  1996 PASIC Champions.